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#Mass Email Marketing, #bulk email marketing, #list management, #email blast, #mass email, #mailist, #maillist http://bestemailsolutions.wordpress.com/tag/email-marketing-tips-2/Some folks may think that mass email marketing is ‘old’, and therefore less effective than social marketing. Not so fast. Despite the universality of social media like Twitter and Facebook, for one thing, they still rely on email to entice us back to their sites, don’t they? What does that mean? Email is still the rock, it is the glue in b2b and b2c transactions, with most of us checking our accounts throughout the day.

After a couple of decades of business and social exchange, mass email seems to have become the dark matter of internet marketing, lurking in the background, while social media is hyped as the next best method to conscript buyers. But mass or bulk email is still the best way to engage with our customers and to present them with useful content and offers while avoiding spam.

Mass or Bulk emails still get opened, all the more-so with relevant or ‘cliff-hanger’ subject lines; ‘headlines’ to get the ‘open’.

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Used wisely, mass email may still be the most effective way to get in front of our customers. Although…

SMS (text message) marketing could be the email marketing holy grail, with a better than 95% open rate, and usually within minutes of getting the message! Yes, that is 5 times better than regular email open rates. When you want to reach all your readers, email in either form is still the best way to reach your list.

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